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Ayurvedic Consultations


Ayurvedic Consultations

Your Ayurvedic experience begins with an in-depth consultation.

At Shri Asha we understand that you may be completely unaware of benefits from Ayurveda or may have many questions about how we can help for your needs. Due to this we offer an introductory free initial telephonic consultation.

Free Initial Consultation: Free initial consultation provides you an opportunity to discuss your health conditions or general wellness improvement requirements with Garima. During the consultation she would carefully listen to your concerns & queries and would ask few questions to assess high level situation regarding your health. She would also explain – ‘if & how Ayurveda can help you’.

This is a non-obligatory free of cost consultation and we encourage all our clients to avail this facility.

Also please note during this consultation we do not hold any of your information into our systems/records and your conversation with us is completely confidential.

Duration: 20 mins to 30 mins

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Detailed Consultation:

As the name suggests, objective of detailed consultation is to assess your health and lifestyle thoroughly. It involves a physical examination as well as a thorough personal health interview to develop a comprehensive understanding of your individual and family health history.

Sometimes common laboratory methods/tests may be recommended. Prior to your first detailed consultation, you will also complete an intake from, a consent form, and an Ayurvedic constitutional quiz.

Then, geared with a thorough understanding of you as an individual per the information obtained, we will be able to develop the most beneficial program of required treatments to restore the foundation of health. Use of herbal supplements,counselling and therapies will be recommended as needed.

To help with the health restoration process, you will also be educated and empowered with tools in some of the following foundations of health:

  • Diet: Nutrition provides the right building blocks for restoring physiological balancing and regenerative effects on the system.
  • Lifestyle: Organizing the rhythm of daily activities promotes optimal use of time and energy as well as to induces daily hormone balancing and restores metabolic vitality.
  • Sleep: Deep rest at night is the most essential balancer of daily hormonal rhythms; in addition, creating a time of daily rejuvenation is essential.
  • Stress Management: Renewing the mental and emotional body can be done through breath, meditation, art, laughter, and play.


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Please fill the form below to Book an Appointment  for consultation with our practitioner to discuss more in detail. Alternatively you can email us at OR call at +447507268407

Our Consultation charges:

  • Initial consultation: Free
  • Detailed Consultation (60-90mins): £60 to £90
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