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Vimal Pandey

Founder and Lifestyle Coach

Vimal’s Introduction:

A motivator & positive thinker, Vimal shares the same passion for “Ayurveda and healthy lifestyle” as his wife Garima.  A founder of Shri Asha Integrated Ayurveda, he is actively working on Shri Asha’s mission of introducing Ayurvedic Practices into the daily lives of as many people as possible.

Over past many years he has helped many individuals to transform their lifestyle and achieving their maximum potential. His unique ’12 – Week, Love Yourself’ wellness program has been hugely appreciated by participants who have benefitted all the support, motivation and advice.

Vimal’s Story:

Since my teenage years, I used to be very overweight.  As I grew older my career goals and life ambitions completely took hold of my lifestyle.  At 23, I started working in the corporate world and adopted a sedentary way of living.  As a result, by 26 I weighed 96 kg which was severely overweight for my height.  When I married my wife Garima, she inspired me to live a healthier life and together we started using ayurvedic treatment to address my metabolism – the root cause of my problem.

During this time, I was fortunate to meet other health conscious people who helped me adopt a more balanced life style.  Investing extra time and effort, and of course an in-depth consciousness into my health regime benefitted my health and happiness in just a few short months.  I have never looked back.

Having trained with many fitness professionals, plus extra time in the gym on multiple exercise routines, this boosted my confidence and I also became a long-distance runner; helping many of my friends to transform their lives on the way.

I now have a rewarding but demanding corporate job, a busy family and social life, and my passion for fitness and good health only continues to grow more.  I train 4 to 5 times a week, and conduct many fitness sessions per week for the ‘12-week love yourself’ program’s participants.

I feel humble that people around me have shown so much of trust into my abilities and that I am able to offer some help & motivation.

My life’s mission is to continue this path until I am unable; either physically and mentally!