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Women- the most beautiful creation of Nature with the power to re-create

Being a woman myself, I fully understand the series of profound changes, we as women go through our lives. We can primarily categorise a woman’s life in four phases – Menarche, pregnancy, Postpartum and Menopause. We like it or not but the fact is – a woman’s life is dominated by her hormonal cycles right from adolescence through to Menopause. It goes without saying a very fine balance of these hormonal cycles is paramount to women’s health.

Ayurveda links women’s natural body rhythms closely with nature and advocates that – healthy menstrual cycles, fertility and menopause depend on a delicate balance of the followings:

  • The subtle connection to the lunar circadian clock.
  • The ability to handle the impact of stress and nourish the nervous system.
  • The strength of Agni (The Digestive fire).
  • The lymphatic system, which drains the reproductive system and endures healthy menstrual flow and menopause.
  • Balanced Hormones.

Ayurveda provides a respectful and supportive approach for women in every stage of life for restoring and maintaining the balance of body’s constitutional energies Vata, Pittaand Kapha.

It is said when we restore balance in these constitutional energies, we are happy in our minds, healthy in our bodies and satisfied in our lives.

How we support women’s health:

Our approach at Shri Asha is to identify the root cause of the problem and correcting it with a best suitable personalised plan that will include:

  • Ayurvedic Diet and lifestyle advice.
  • Yoga and pranayama(breathing exercises) to bring the harmony at physical and emotional level.
  • Herbal supplements to support the healing process at deeper level.

Book a consultation with our practitioner to discuss more in detail.

Our Consultation charges:

  • Initial telephonic consultation – Free
  • First face to face consultation (60-90 mins): £60-£90
  • Follow up treatments (45-60mins): £45-£60