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Ayurveda & Musculo - skeletal Health

Bones, Joints & Muscles – we all know their importance in our day to day life and how annoying & stressful it is when even one of the joints stops working properly. To make matter worse we have 230 joints &this exceeds the number of bones in our body(only 206).

Due to our busy lives and daily rush, these precious parts of our body get neglected the most. We take them for granted until they become problematic.

Ayurveda’s View on Musculo Skeletal Health:

In Ayurveda, the bones and joints are considered a site of vata in the body—meaning that they have a general affinity for vata, and are particularly prone to vata imbalances.

The joints are deeply affected by the quality of the bone tissue (asthi dhatu), but in Ayurveda, the joints also share an important connection with the nervous tissue (majja dhatu), and the nervous system as a whole.

In Ayurveda, it is said that strong AGNI and proper digestion are essential to our overall health and longevity. Every imbalance and disease can be traced back to impaired agni and poor digestion. The joints are no different. Healthy joints and all of the tissues that support their physiology rely on tissue nutrition, which is ultimately a reflection of the health of agni.

How Ayurveda supports:

Supporting the joints according to Ayurveda is a matter of clearing any accumulated toxins(ama), and pushing it back to the GI tract.From there, eliminating it from the body.

We also need to reduce inflammation, support proper circulation, and balance agni in the tissues. At the same time, kindling agni will ensure that neither excess dosha nor ama are able to find their way back into the joints in the future.

How we treat:

At ShriAsha we aim to treat/support Musculo Skeletal problem using following strategies:

  • Detailed consultation: to determine the strength of Agni and imbalanced Dosha.
  • Recommending Ayurvedic Practices: We explain and make a complete plan based on Ayurvedic practices to eliminate toxins (ama). These practices have been proved very effective in relieving joint problems. These practices inculcate some lifestyle changes that help us preventing accumulation of toxins and catalyse their elimination from our body.
  • Recommending Herbal supplements: Ayurveda has plethora of herbs to support Musculo skeletal health. We carefully devise a herbal supplement plan based on your requirement.
  • Local therapies:You can imagine Ayurvedic localised therapies as an ancient way of physiotherapy.Therapies such as: kati basti, Jaanu basti & Greeva basti with herbal oils and fomentation like Pinda sweda are extremely helpful in relieving joint pain & stiffness and helps in promoting wider range of motility of joints. Visit out therapies page to know more about them.

Book a consultation with our practitioner to discuss more in detail.

Our Consultation charges:

  • Initial telephonic consultation – Free
  • First face to face consultation (60-90 mins): £60-£90
  • Follow up treatments (45-60mins): £45-£60