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Ayurveda & Skin

About 20% children and 12% adults in UK suffer from several skin conditions such as inflammation, irritation, burning/itching sensation, acne, eczema etc. Some of us face even more painful skin conditions such as dermatitis, psoriasis etc.

Importance of good skin need no explanation to any of us. Apart from its physical importance, our skin is also our first line of defence against many infections and all the adverse external conditions (such as extreme weather, unhygienic conditions etc.), we are exposed to all the time.

It is the largest organ in our body which is continuously changing by shedding its cells every day every moment. That means, taking care of your skin is not something you do ‘now and then’, but on a daily basis.

Ayurveda has rich and effective “Healing from the Inside Out” approach to treat common skin imbalances and their origins.

Ayurveda’s Deeper Ecology of the Skin-

According to Ayurveda, Pitta (the fire and water element) is responsible for the color, texture, and temperature of our skin and hair It is also responsible for its lustre and glow.

It is also important to highlight that excess heat and redness—no matter where it is in the body—is almost always a sign of aggravated pitta. The skin is one of the primary places where pitta resides in the body—which not only makes it especially vulnerable to pitta imbalance, but an active outlet for it. So, balancing pitta systemically can go a long way toward supporting healthy skin.

Not just the skin, Pitta also has a strong presence in the blood, the liver, and the digestive tract—all of which have a direct impact on skin health. Excess pitta in any one of these areas can have an amplified effect on the skin. Whenever excess heat, excess oiliness, improperly digested foods, cellular waste, and any other toxins accumulate in the body, the skin serves as an organ of elimination—a vehicle for flushing these disruptive forces out of the body. As this occurs, a number of skin conditions can arise such as: acne, rashes, hives, eczema, burning or itching sensations, or sometimes even more severe issues.

How we support Skin health:

Given that the skinhas a complex relationship with the deeper ecology of the body and mind, it needs a deeper understanding to uncover the root cause of the skin imbalance. Based on that an individualised plan will be crafted for you. This plan would be based on following guidance/practices mentioned in Ayurvedic scriptures:

  1. Pathya ahara vihar– Proper Diet and Life Style
  2. Dincharya– Carefully crafted daily routine based on the imbalance, from pitta pacifying yoga postures and breathing techniques (pranayam)to meditative techniques to manage the stress.
  3. Internal Detoxification– Elimination of accumulated toxins or internal detox treatments are at the core of Ayurvedic treatment to address skin conditions.
  4. External detoxification– Various ayurvedic therapies have proven to be extremely helpful in managing as well as curing the skin conditions.
  5. Internal Herbal Supplements– There are a number of herbal formulations indicated for skin conditions which can be taken a few times a day to help the skin heal from inside out at the root level and to prevent the relapses in future as it is usually seen in conditions like eczema and psoriasis.
  6. External Herbal application– We advise some extremely healing and nourishing herbal formulations like herbal oils and freshly made pastes of herbs to calm the skin.

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Our Consultation charges:

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  • First face to face consultation (60-90 mins): £60-£90
  • Follow up treatments (45-60mins): £45-£60